Friday, November 4, 2016

The Tambourine Girls | Self-titled Debut LP Out Today

The Tambourine Girls' debut LP puts to bed the notion that if one is a jack of all trades, they're a master of none. Frontman Simon Relf deftly traverses the musical spectrum, paying his dues to float-along folk-rock, riotous come-hither blues, 60s Brit-pop, that disaffected brand of alt-country that's enjoying such a buzzed-about resurgence of late and many more. Flitting between influences but never resting for too long, The Tambourine Girls expertly extracts the sweetest elements of each, blending them in a triumphant metamorphosis to create something entirely new. The frenetic energy captured on this triumphant debut isn't manufactured, either - according to Relf, it's real: "...The Tambourine Girls [album] wasn’t very rehearsed at all because I wanted to catch the feeling of the band discovering the music. There’s one track on the album which was done in only one take, and it was actually the first time we’d ever played it as a band… It’s exciting to be able to do that, and it’s great that we have an unwritten understanding as a band to deliver under that kind of self-imposed creative pressure." 

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