Thursday, November 3, 2016

Songbird - Streetwalker

Steph Jolly, Songbird, is an emerging Singer-Songwriter based in Adelaide, South Australia. Juggling work, study and having a heightened passion for songwriting has been a challenge, but also extremely rewarding personally, professionally and most pleasingly musically.

‘Street Walker,’ the debut release from Songbird, is an energetic, upbeat track, with plenty of sass and funk to get you grooving. Steph's honest and raw lyrics come straight from the heart and draw on past experiences and innermost thoughts and feelings. They express personal observations of a world sometimes cruel, sometimes beautiful. Live recordings have been utilised to create an upbeat, acoustic feel that excites the ears and reassures the soul.

‘Street Walker’ has received rave reviews locally and has been capturing attention all across the country. This success has also led to regular performances on the contemporary winery circuit, thanks to her gentle yet powerful vocals and warm, inviting presence. Plying her trade in city bars, Steph has honed her craft by building her confidence and helping her create and develop the stage persona that is Songbird. Combining with the intricate yet melodious style of guitarist and longtime friend Michael Collins, Songbird is one of the freshest acts to come out of Adelaide in a long time.

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