Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Chris Paterno Band - EP | An Americana Daily Review

The Chris Paterno Band - EP | An Americana Daily Review

Definitely a winner. It may take a few listens for the singer/songwriter origins of the these songs to really kick-in when joined with all the instrumentation, but when it does you will be justly rewarded.

"Unfaithful" starts off this treat ,with the horn section punching through, full-on. The passionate vocal is in no way overshadowed by the ebb and flow from this well conceived combination of percussive drive and a subtle cluster of strings. The production for the album is sprinkled with some choice production elements--background party noise on "Pressure," and the discordant horn background on "Morning Light"--as a long night breaks to day. "Lover, When You Gonna Come" is of a piece with the rest of this classy EP. The harmonica sounds great, finding its perfect place in the mix.

This collection is distinguished by its passion melded with sterling execution. I’d recommend listening to it with headphones so you can be immersed in the flow; it really yields more through repeated listening. I’d love to hear this played in a great venue where you could hear the music fill the space.

Here's hoping this EP receives the repeated listenings that the work that went into it deserves. 

An Americana Daily Review: Robert “carpaldiem” Harmon - Robert lives in the bustling metrozoid of Southwest Missouri, and usually folds when he has a full house. You should visit his website at

The Chris Paterno Band's new EP is out on Friday, September 30th.  Pre-orders are available now. The band is donating 20% of sales to two Philadelphia charities, Project HOME and The Episcopal Academy's Scholarship.

More information is available at

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