Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sasha Kaleidoscopia Vallely Debuts Spooky Psychedelic Music Video for Halloween

From Sasha  Kaleidoscopia  Vallely's  first  EP  recorded  at  the  Living  Room  studios  in  Atlanta. The song  "Sweet  Little  Boy"  was  written  about  her  18  month  old  son,  Fox,  who  also  makes  an appearance  in  this  cute  but  strangely  psychedelic  video. 
Sasha  Kaleidoscopia  Vallely  has  been  performing  across  the  globe  for  over  a  decade  with  various bands  such  as  Midnight  Larks, Spindrift,  The Silver Chords,  The Mobsters  and  The  Warlocks,  and guested  with  The  Brian  Jonestown  Massacre,  Mondo  Generator,  Lords  of  Altamont,  King  Adora and  members  of  QOTSA,  The  Hives,  Portishead,  Massive  Attack,  Cat  Power,  Masters  of  Reality, The  Seeds,  The  Black  Angels,  Gong,  Dead  Meadow,  Entrance  Band,  Yahowha  33  and  Jello  Biafra of  the  Dead  Kennedys  along  with  many  others. She  has  also  worked  on  many  independent  film scores  and  directed  music  videos.  The  name  "Kaleidoscopia"  was  given  to  her  by  Djin Aquarian  of Yahowha  13  and  an  original  member  of  the  legendary  Source  Family  cult  of  Los  Angeles.

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