Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Marcy Marxer is Remarkable ... Across the Board

Marcy Marxer is
Simply Remarkable...
Across the Board

Marcy Marxer is a remarkable performer. Whether touring around the world with Cathy Fink and Barbara Lamb, playing a mind-boggling number of instruments and singing with the Four Bitchin Babes, or sittin' for a spell inspiring others at a week-long workshop, Marcy exemplifies the instrumentalist. 

Her new album, Things Are Coming My Way, is being played across North America and the critics are also applauding. 
“With a musical range spanning Gypsy jazz, Tin Pan Alley pop, gospel, country, and folk …Marxer keeps her musicality front and center, always playing with taste, style, wit, and charm.”
– David McCarty, Acoustic Guitar

“Multi-instrumentalist Marcy Marxer struts
her stuff on her latest solo album. She
plays guitar, resonator guitar, tenor guitar, cittern, six-string banjo, and accordion, as
well as lead vocals. Material ranges from jazz standards, such as “I’ll See You In My Dreams,” to traditional tunes including “Things Are Coming My Way.” All feature Marxer’s impeccable technique and swinging understated musical style. Her singing isn't too shabby either.” – Steven Stone, Audiophile

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Twitter: @MarcyMarxer @CathyandMarcy

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