Monday, May 11, 2020

Graham Czach - Come Home Again

33 Artists Unite for COVID Musicians Relief Fund

COVID-19 has completely shut down the live music entertainment business and effectively unemployed all professional live performance musicians including artists and musicians from all genres and ensembles, from orchestras to jazz groups to rock bands, singer-songwriters, and more. Suddenly unemployed musicians are experiencing extreme financial hardship, struggling to put food on the table, pay bills, and be able to care for loved ones and families.

Los Angeles based artist and songwriter, Graham Czach, recruited 33 professional musicians from all around the country, and some from other countries, to record their parts from home with video for a new original song collaboration he wrote and arranged called “Come Home Again”. It's a universal message for all of us around the world. Wherever you are and whatever situation you're in, everyone at some point longs to come home again in a variety of meanings, such as the patient infected that just wants to live and go home again to their loved ones, or the health care worker that has to isolate from their families because they are on the front lines, or the family member wanting to go home to their family living far away or back to their childhood home. We can all relate.

The song was mixed and mastered by GRAMMY winning legendary film score engineer, Geoff Foster of AIR Studios London. "Come Home Again" is for everyone dealing with the pandemic right now and a “tribute to all the victims of COVID-19, their families, friends, and front line workers that are saving lives every day and continuing to make the world run.” The COVID Musicians Relief Fund GoFundMe, created in an effort to help the unemployed music community with the release of the song and music video says, “Thank you to all the nurses, doctors, grocery store workers, postal workers, and more out there risking their lives so we can live ours.”

The funds raised from the COVID Musicians Relief Fund will be distributed to all US based musicians that apply for relief with verification of loss of work and proof of financial hardship. The plan is to provide a $250 payment to each applicant on a first come, first serve basis. “The more we raise, the more musicians we can help. Every little bit goes a long way. We thank you for your contribution, it is much appreciated!”, says organizer/artist Graham Czach. Link to donate/apply below.​
Donate or Apply to COVID Musicians Relief Fund GoFundMe:

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