Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Blackgrass artist, Elouise pays homage to Bluegrass legend, John Prine

"I have been watching the sun rise and fall from my window each day as the world turns inside out. Witnessing, from my tiny screen, the heroism of our first responders who risk it all each day, putting everything on the line for people they have never met. I feel that I have not been productive nor heroic, but am told I am saving lives by staying home. This will all be over one day. The struggle and losses of people we know and do not know are gut wrenching and real. The uncertainty is only quelled by the knowledge that we are all in this together. The death of the American treasure, John Prine, was a punch to the gut. With the help of my family and a friend in a remote location, we offer this humble tribute to Mr. Prine as we work towards collective healing. This song was recorded on day 30 of quarantine. Sometimes we all need something to hold on to in order to get through these difficult days. 

Photo by Darragh O’Carroll MD @dardager
Here is a picture of Darragh O’Carroll MD apprehensively trying to protect himself and his team before he intubates a patient with CoVid 19. Hold on to that image. Remember his face when you get stir crazy. Put on a mask when you are outside to protect yourself and others. Do it for the health care workers who have to live this nightmare every damn day.  It’s time to circle the wagons folks. Take care of each other, stay safe, and most of all....hold on." - Elouise


Elouise: Vocals, John Chamberlin: Guitar and Bass, Gillian Chamberlin: Piano and Background Vocals, Dan Ames: Pedal Steel. Written by: John Prine

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