Friday, February 14, 2020

Ted Drozdowski’s Coyote Motel - White Rabbit

This Valentine’s Day, roots music explorer Ted Drozdowski and his band Coyote Motel offer a love note to the psychedelic era with “White Rabbit,” the third single and video from their late 2019 acoustic EP, Learn to Love the Moon. The video features the stunning and colorful visuals of Nashville’s Darling Lucifer Productions, who have been collaborating with Coyote Motel for select live performances since January 2019. It also features moonwalking bunnies.

The Learn to Love the Moon EP is the acoustic yang to the very electric yin of the full album Coyote Motel, which was released earlier in 2019. The EP, which features Drozdowski’s singing, songwriting and, primarily, resonator guitar, was recently reviewed in Blues Music Magazine as “an album you won’t want to miss a note of.” Both Learn to Love the Moon and Coyote Motel were created via the generosity of fans who contributed to a funding campaign. Copies of the EP and album are available to press and radio on request. You can learn more, hear the Coyote Motel album, see video, etc., at

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