Friday, May 3, 2019

Good Will Remedy - Juanita - - - - An Americana Daily Video Premiere

ABOUT JUANITA: Juanita is a song about a girl – yes, another song about girl – a girl you just can’t seem to leave, despite your best intentions; you can go when she lets you go ….and that’s that….. you are under a spell of sorts… 

ABOUT GOOD WILL REMEDY: Americana is where the song is king - a broad genre that encompasses country, alt country and rock–and it is here that Good Will Remedy find themselves at home.

With a long history in the local and national Australian music scene and a C.V that includes Brisbane legends Pharaoh’s Playground and BUZZkillers - Good Will Remedy are a band awash with strong song writing and performance craft with an honest southern fried feel tinged with alt Countryesque Americana styling. 


  1. this is another fabulous hit from GWR. Love all their songs. We have had them here in Australia for years, America you are in for a great treat by picking up this fantastic group. Well done guys.

  2. Love it! Nice work all round! Vocals and harmonies, groove, and bouncing guitar riffs. Cool look on the vid too! Awesome!


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