Thursday, February 14, 2019

An Americana Daily Valentine's Day Video Premiere: McMains - Since I Started Loving You

“Since I Started Loving You” from the 2018 release, American Soul is an honest love song written by a husband to and for his wife and because of this, the romantic date of February 14th was chosen for the video premiere.

American Soul is a celebration of all the ups and downs that go along with love, romance and just plain living. The 13-song album consists of some “gloriously crafted roots rockers” (Rockwired) along with the ballad, “Since I Started Loving You” which started off as a poem that McMains claims “wins the prize for the most tears cried while writing.”

Mick McMains, (who goes by the singular name ‘McMains when recording and performing), is a descendant of Devil Anse Hatfield (of the legendary American folklore clan the Hatfields) on his father’s mother’s side, McMains was not easily pinned down to a genre early on in his career. He toured Europe as bassist with punk band The Generators, spent two years as vocalist for Earl Slick’s band, spent another two as the lead guitarist with Englishman John Wicks the Records and was involved with the art music ensemble DJ Monkey, co-producing with Joey Alkes two of their critically acclaimed albums. Furthering his artist credentials he can be heard with his recording of “I Walk Alone” in The Switch, starring Jennifer Anniston and Jason Bateman; and with “Sexy, Sexy” in the film Hard Breakers

McMains is backed by his twin brothers, Moose and Jim whom he credits with always inspiring him to play music. “They push me to be better. We have a blend when we sing together that’s hard to beat.” American Soul was co-produced by McMains and Joey Alkes and mixed by Jim Scott (Lucinda Williams, Tom Petty) and Rich Mouser (Ben Vaughn, Weezer).


  1. Nice song Mick...

  2. I love your voice and your instrumentation


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