Thursday, February 9, 2017

Katie Jay - The River

Katie Jay is a singer and songwriter who is currently based in Cairns, Australia. Music has always played an important role in Katie's life and singing and composing songs is something that she has done from a very young age (often driving her family crazy on long car trips). Katie grew up with inspirational role models in her own family, such as her aunt, Sarah de Jong, composer of music for film and theatre and her uncle, Lucas de Jong, who has sung opera all over the world. With these, and other great examples so close to home it was a natural progression for her to find herself involved in the family business of music.

Katie is excited to officially release her latest single ‘The River’, which has already garnered and outstanding reception since its recording. Her songwriting skills were celebrated when she was awarded the Songwriters' Award at the Tablelands Folk Festival, and also was invited to share ‘The River’ on Balcony TV. Katie gained the attention of The Owsley Stanley Foundation in 2015 when she, along with her band The Code, was invited to perform at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco for a benefit concert for the foundation.

Living in Melbourne, Katie learnt to perform at countless weddings and corporate functions, singing songs which were crafted by the giants of the industry. When she arrived in Cairns a new chapter began as she began to lovingly create her own songs. Katie Jay's ballads have been described as "very personal" and “heart-rending.”

Most recently, Katie Jay has teamed up with Mark Myers (The Starry Field, The Middle East) as producer at Big Sister Studio (Emma Louise, Leanne Tennant, Brealyn Sheehan) in Cairns to piece together lush recordings of her original songs.

 ‘The River’ is a song that builds and blossoms telling a story of unrequited love and longing. This is a song that sounds fresh but familiar and will lead you back to Katie Jay’s songs for more.

“The River” by Katie Jay is available now via digital stores. -

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