Saturday, January 14, 2017

Michael Brondstetter - Dark Cloud Blues

Michael Brondstetter is a versatile Americana Artist who draws inspiration and influence from his upbringing in musical cities Detroit, Louisville, & New Orleans. He eventually landed in LA where he was lucky enough to meet many legendary artist at McCabe’s guitar shop, his favorite local hangout. There he would come into contact with Jackson Brown, Linda Ronstadt, Hoyt Axton, & Doc Watson, to name a few, all performing unplugged on Friday and Saturday night shows.

Through a challenging upbringing, moving from city to city, and eventually having his parents divorce, Michael was forced to go to work early helping his mother make ends meet at the age of 13. One way Michael was able to stay focused and grounded was through sports and music. 

Starting as a solo writer and performer in San Diego, Michael also tried playing with a few local bands testing a variety of musical styles. Eventually, this would lead him back to his own music, and his professional solo career. From that time on, he's been focused entirely on writing and recording original material and in 2014, he released his first full length album, Iron Mountain.

Michael's style has been influenced by number of artists and genres. "I grew up listening to my parents jazz & big band music. Living in Pittsburgh and Detroit I was on the precipice of Rock an Roll..." Stevie Wonder was a big influence, as were country music artists, Roy Clark, Fiddler Dough Kershaw, Glen Campbell, Buck Owens, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson. Today he takes inspiration from artists like Bob Dylan, The Wallflowers, James Bay, Ed Sheeran, Bruce Springsteen, and many more like Dan Weber. 

Asked what inspires his writing, Michael is quick to respond. "Everything I see, hear and experience influences my writing. I guess working in the hospital and dealing with the loss of my wife to cancer this last year, has made me more appreciative of life and living it. I believe in living it and enjoying it with the hope of the future to drive us forward. I try and write about the things that we all experience and despite 'getting your butt kicked', fighting back and trying to showing the hope in everything we do." 

In December of 2015, Michael received a notice from the Academia Awards that they'd selected two of his songs, "Friends" for Best Americana/Country Song and "Dark Cloud Blues" for Best Folk/Blues Song. While Iron Mountain has been available on digital outlets since 2014, OAG Management is Re-Releasing a remastered version of Iron Mountain with North American distribution starting in Jan. 2017.

Michael is setting up an extensive touring schedule for 2017, and is working on new material for his upcoming album, which will be released next year.

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