Monday, December 12, 2016

The Lesser Giants - Rescue Me

In preparation for the release of their first single ‘Rescue Me’, The Lesser Giants are refining their live set as they get ready to put on a show through summer that will introduce the band's melodic Rock sound to punters across Melbourne and beyond.

The Lesser Giants spent 2016 exploring their dynamic as artists, finding inspiration in heavy hitters Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters, and recording a genre-defying sound that ranges from 'moody' to 'massive'.

‘Rescue Me’ was recorded and produced by The Lesser Giants and Matt D’Arcy at Basin Studios, Melbourne in February 2016.

“The idea of this track spawned from the bands very first jam session and quickly transformed into the dynamically charged pop/rock tune it is today,” says the band on the creation of the track. “The lyrics tell a quirky portrayal of being rescued by love. ‘And if I’m lost at sea you’ll be the one to find me, telepathy is a real thing apparently.’

The 3-piece rock band formed in 2015, fronted by Duncan Thompson on guitar and vocals, Zoltan Campbell on bass guitar and vocals and Dan Carroll on drums and vocals.

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