Thursday, November 10, 2016

Breaks - Bath Salts

BREAKS are a rock band hailing from Tacoma, WA, an industrial town south of Seattle. Meshing elements of indie rock, classic rock, psychedelica and reggae ... Breaks have scratched together a vibe all their own.

Their debut  release, “On Our Way Together” is a culmination of years of cobbling together a package of raucous energy that just works.

Hard driving grizzly riffs and moody reggae melodies soak the album like a martini olive, but they don’t browbeat you with a moral lesson.

The Breaks collaborators are a rowdy pack of hard livers (pun intended) hailing from California, Washington, and all points in between.  Lead vocalist / producer  Damien Goyenechea, has fronted several bands, and over the years has created a catalog of wide ranging sounds to snap you out of your self-pitying ennui.

Joined in the studio by Aaron Mortemore (keys and bass), Chris Velazquez (bass), Joel Azose (guitar/keys) and Eric Wennberg (drums), Breaks bring a sorely missing element to today’s standard pop/party-rock selection. Their message is and always has been, live in the moment  and carry on; stop feeling sorry for yourself, pour a drink, howl at the moon, and don't be afraid to make bad decisions that feel good.

Breaks are not all fun and games of course; their tunes also chronicle wasted years, romantic strife, poverty, drugs and political bullshit, all covered in a thoughtful way. It is clear on this album and in general, Breaks only want you to remember this: "Life is short. Move on. Dance promiscuously. Break a few glasses before you go home. Love someone. Lose someone. Lose yourself."



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