Monday, September 28, 2015

Ferris and the Wheels to Release Eagerly Awaited Debut Album

Ferris and the Wheels will be releasing their eponymous 6 song self-titled album on October 9, 2015! Although, physical copies are now available at all live shows! Described as “pure rock with elements of 90s grunge, classic Floyd, and modern Foo Fighters” Geoff Ferris, lead singer and songwriter, born in Bad Axe, MI, and former lead singer of the band 'Bad Axe', has had success in Boston and Nashville as a musician.

Says Geoff, “This is the most talented and fun band I've ever been in. We're in our infancy...we've only been playing together as a foursome since late July 2014. From day one, our goal was to immediately start playing on the road and make new fans. We targeted Chicago and Atlanta as our two big regional markets outside of Nashville, and to this day, those have been the most fun cities to play on our tours.

“In June 2015, I called producer, Andrew Bazinet, the only guy who could produce a project with a group of guys as crazy as us and still capture our sound. We spent 2.5 days in the studio (Pentavarit and Warner Brothers) and knocked out 6 songs. We kept it live, loose, and raw. We laughed, drank, drank more, and let everything out in the studio as we do on stage.”

When Lentner and the Ayers brothers came on board in 2014, the band hit the ground running. They played shows in Chicago, Atlanta, Asheville, Louisville, Cincy, Detroit, Indy and Nashville to name a few... Geoff explains, “We all kept getting better, the songs kept evolving, we found our sound. My last project 'Hollow' was not road tested, we went into the studio with a handful of songs and just did it. During that process, I established a relationship with our producer, Andrew Bazinet, who pushed me harder as a singer as I've ever been pushed which was apparent during this new record. Andrew said, 'I didn't have to tell you (Geoff) to push yourself to add character, you already had it.'”

Jake Lentner (Lead guitar) earned the studio nickname "One Take Jake" from his efficient guitar tracking. This nickname was in addition to the already established nicknames "Robot" and "Rainman" summarizing his insane playing skills and music memory. Says Geoff, “I always threaten to approach him with a giant magnet to determine if he is human. He absolutely shredded it." Underneath everything lies the groovy rhythm section of the Ayers brothers (Josh and Dylan). They have been playing music together since they were kids which is apparent in their tight sound. Their brotherly dynamic has influenced the way the entire band works together. The band openly argues and fights (literally and figuratively), then hash it out until they arrive at the best idea of the original issue. Josh is the founder of AyerWaves Media and Dylan is held as one of the best rock n roll drummers in Nashville.

As a self-proclaimed “Rock Fanatic”, Geoff has a wide range of musical tastes: classic rock, folk, progressive, grunge, alternative, pop and modern indie. His biggest influences started with oldies and Motown, but quickly moved to Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon, The Beatles, Neil Young and The Beach Boys. By the time he was 13 in 1994, Geoff was just beginning to have his mind blown by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan, while simultaneously being hit with the current movement of grunge and alternative rock, which included Nirvana, Soundgarden, The Offspring, Pearl Jam and STP. He's also influenced by some hip-hop/rap artists such as Eazy-E, Tupac, Snoop Dog, Dre, and Too Short.

Ferris and the Wheels:
Geoff Ferris (Lead vocals/guitar)
Jake Lentner (Lead guitar/vocals)
Dylan Ayers (Drums/vocals)
Josh Ayers (Bass/vocals)

In conclusion, Geoff has this to impart, “All I can say is, if you haven't seen our live show, do it NOW...while you can still feel our sweat and saliva hit you from the stage...ROCK AIN'T DEAD...getting in the front row of our show, will soon take an effort of physical insanity. We always try and play each show like it's our last and leave everything on the stage."

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