Saturday, August 8, 2015

Brothers Lazaroff Release Title Cut Single from New Album 'Day and Night' - An Americana Daily Premiere

Brothers Lazaroff, long-time local favorites in their native St. Louis and staples in the vibrant Austin community, have announced their fifth full-length Day And Night, out this fall on their self-owned label Room 18 Records. Infusing their soulful combination of Americana and alt-country with a bright and contemporary folk rock sensibility, Day And Night combines traditions of American roots music with the creative songwriting and energetic performance that Brothers Lazaroff are known for.  

BROTHERS LAZAROFF is a band that melds genres, and they might share brainwaves too.

David and Jeff Lazaroff could be a pair of telepathic siblings. But it's more likely that the brothers' compatibility onstage comes from playing music and writing songs together since their high school days. The duo carried on composing as a team for more than a decade while David lived in Austin, TX and Jeff was in St. Louis, MO, and the songwriters continued to develop their roots-driven sound despite the distance. Currently reunited back in St. Louis, the fraternal front men are a staple of the local music scene and draw crowds all over town. They frequently travel to Austin to collaborate with Grammy-nominated singer Elizabeth McQueen, who they produced a much-celebrated EP for in 2014 entitled "The Laziest Remix.”

Besides a possible secret language, the brothers are equipped with earnest songwriting and an earthy sound peppered with jazz-inspired riffs and fuzzy solos. The remainder of the quintet they've led for more than 8 years includes Grover Stewart on drums, Teddy Brookins on bass and the most recent addition of Nate Carpenter on keys. Both in the studio and onstage, the evidence is clear that the group has developed an intuition and familiarity that allows each player to unleash the unexpected.

Whether Brothers Lazaroff is guiding you through a slow-paced ballad or a heady jam, each member of the group stays cohesive and poised to create something ear-catching. 

Brothers Lazaroff - Day And Night
Out October 2 on Room 18 Records

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