Sunday, March 1, 2015

Crimson Calamity Present an Explosive Alternative Country / Rock Sound on Debut EP “All In The Cards” out March 31

Alternative Country duo Crimson Calamity debut a high-spirited, attitude fueled sound on their debut EP “All In The Cards” due out on March 31st, 2015. Lauren Harding and Mallory Trunnell were no strangers to intricate songwriting and the bright lights of the stage on their own, but together, they discovered a talent for firecracker lyrics and glistening harmonies that became entirely irresistible. And so, Crimson Calamity was born. An initial songwriting experiment turned out the hard hitting single, “Line ‘em Up and Shoot ‘em Down,” which became the catalyst that inspired them to take their collaborative style to the next level.  Fans of fiery rock and country artists, like Miranda Lambert and Grace Potter, they infuse a little of each inspiration into their rowdy tracks with characteristic hellfire. The tracks on their debut EP, “All in the Cards” are built on a country-rock landscape that’s occasionally dashed with bluesy affect.

Opening track, “Dead Man’s Hand” builds on a slow-burning intro that launches into an earth rattling chorus. Their sharp harmonies fly high atop slamming drums and rambling banjo, as they warn of a dangerous man with no remorse or sympathy for his actions. It’s the perfect introduction to a duo that is fearless in their exploration of old country and alternative elements that make-up their cohesive sound. 

“Rock Bottom” packs a punch that never stops. A lush, rich sound comes flying at you in the form of bluesy melodies and lush harmonies that dance around the high impact instrumentation. With a sheen that practically gleams, they defy the typical love song and instead turn it into an anthem against mistreatment that demands to be heard, with slick production and hellfire attitude to boot. 

The song behind their inspiration to work together, “Line ‘em Up and Shoot ‘em Down” comes
barreling towards you with a Johnny Cash train track-style bass line and bluesy cabaret vocals that sizzle. Harding and Trunnell get lost in the sound instantaneously, and that peppy energy is immediately shared with their listeners. It’s fun and frisky, just the way this kind of music is meant to be. 

On “Pistols” they take an acoustic, back porch approach that would fit in just as well in the Deep South as it would on the streets of Nashville’s neon-lit Broadway. There are moments reminiscent of The Wreckers, another duo that wrote with elements of rock and country, though they've absolutely drowned themselves in the dedication to a truly authentic exploration of the sound. And it sets them apart. From their slow, southern vocal cadence, to the ambient background vocals and layered instrumentation, they pull listeners right into the atmosphere of the music on every single track.

Crimson Calamity are dedicated to creating a true representation of traditional country music and harrowing rock on their debut “All In The Cards.” Fans of that old school country sound will find bits and pieces of the past within the hidden gems that this dynamic duo have created. Don’t miss one of the breakout country EP’s of the year, Crimson Calamity’s “All In The Cards,” when it’s released on March 31st, 2015.

More on Crimson Calamity:!the-band/cjg9

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