Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Josh Chandler Morris - Tired

Having spent the last few years touring in the punk scene, an experience which saw him travelling Europe and playing festivals such as Reading and Leeds in The UK, the new EP from Josh Chandler Morris sees a return to the music of his youth. With ‘Tired’ Josh Chandler Morris demonstrates a range of American Roots/Folk influences, whilst also incorporating elements of the Blues and Soul music he grew up on.

Having travelled the country as a child with his musician father, American traditional music was very much ingrained in his make up and despite the different paths and tributaries that his musical journey would make, it was the music he heard in his father’s record collection that he is consistently drawn back to and continues to re-discover.

In April of this year Josh struck out on his own with his Debut EP ‘Tired’, which since its release has attracted the attention of publications and radio alike.  A feature in Rock’n'Reel’s forthcoming issue and airtime on BBC Radio 1 to name but a few.

‘Tired’ follows a turbulent journey, documenting his experiences of lost relationships and the death of close friends.  For this reason ‘Tired’ was never going to be a ‘happy go lucky’ sort of record and yet although dark at times, it manages to prevail with a message of hope and positivity and emphasises the importance of seizing life’s joys.

Josh is also joined on the EP and in a live setting by Carly Slade whose soaring harmonies provide the music with a depth and intensity reminiscent of the traditional music from which it draws its influence.  Sometimes rueful, sometimes joyous, the voices combine to create something dynamic, original and most importantly impassioned.

Whilst drawing on this traditional, rootsy sound Josh Chandler Morris also maintains an awareness of where he is from. Having grown up in the corporate metropolis of Milton Keynes, his music could not help but be shaped by the urban nature of his surroundings.  However, unlike others, ‘Tired’ the latest release from Josh Chandler Morris is not an attempt to mimic but is instead a celebration of experiences from a Milton Keynes boy raised on the rich and spiritual traditions of American Folk music.

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