Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rustic, Refined, Lew Card Releases Low Country Hi-Fi

Lew Card celebrates the release of Low Country Hi-Fi, a recording which draws on Card’s 20-plus years as a picker, songwriter and singer. He has a style that comes from where jug band music meets country blues. Lew’s songs are based on hand-me-down quality of southern mystique presented through everyday life. He will celebrate the release of his recording on Saturday, June 7, at the Strange Brew - Lounge Side from 5-6:30 p.m. along with Austin campadres drummer Josh Vernier, bassist Kevin Hennessy, slide-guitarist Nate Mayes, and pianist Charlie Pierce. More info:

Raised in Chattanooga, Lew, upon graduating from MTSU with a Recording Industry Degree in Production, moved to Austin. Over the last ten years Lew has played many of the Austin originals clubs with his band, The Gun Hands, including the White Horse, Moose Lodge, Continental Club, as well as playing mandolin at Ginny's Little Longhorn with Peewee Moore, and the Mean Eyed Cat with Reid Wilson & His So-Called Friends.

With Low Country Hi-Fi the Austinite has branched out from the bands he has led since relocating here. “I’ve written hundreds of songs,” Lew says. “Being in bands for so long, I saw the process of what was working and what wasn’t working and wanted to try my own hand.” That means fewer banjos, more guitar leads and small, skin-run drum kits. “I think there are only six or eight cymbal crashes on the whole record,” Card reveals. “Less is more.” It’s all rustic, but without a cheap feel, refined but without too much polish.

Low Country Hi-Fi is a collection of nine songs born without a true timestamp. Lew's solo album highlights his writing backed with his outstanding sensibilities on the guitar. Recorded and mixed by James Stevens at EAR Studio in Austin, Low Country Hi-Fi reflects a subtle style where a string band meets the county blues.

Further down the road Lew is playing around at:
June  5  In-store @LoneStarMusic, Gruene, 6:30pm
June 11 @RattleInn, Austin, 7:30pm
June 19 @MeanEyedCat, Austin, 8pm
June 25 @KDRP's Live @Guero's Taco Bar, Austin, 6pm
June 27 @Sam'sTownpoint, Austin, 8pm
July   9  @EvangelineCafe, Austin, 7pm

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