Monday, May 5, 2014


 New Record, Peddlers & Ghosts to be released on July 8th

Gann Brewer is a rambler…. “I was constantly touring last year, I think I crossed the country two, maybe three times, “ he surmises. But last year was no exception, Gann Brewer has been collecting stories and taking them on the road for two decades including travels to New Zealand, Egypt, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean.   “For me, it’s not just about the music, it’s also about the travel, the movin’ around from place to place, seeing old friends and meetin’ new ones.” Brewer, musically, keeps it simple. Or as he describes it, “Simplified acoustic played by a solo artist on stage that probably forgot his harmonica—which may be a good thing.” Brewer likes the recorded songs to sound as they do live, so most of the tracks are vocals and guitar with subtle mandolin, pedal steel and harmonica.

In between all of his travels, Brewer took a collection of songs to Warpaint Studios in Memphis where he recorded Peddlers & Ghosts with Jeremiah Tucker. The record is a follow-up to his 2008 self-titled debut album that was produced by Nancy Apple on her label, Ringo Records and a 2011 6 song EP, The Tacoma Sessions, which was recorded for NPR StoryCorps in an airstream trailer on the waterfront in Tacoma, WA. While his debut was a record about his world travels, Peddlers & Ghosts taps into Brewer’s experiences while traversing the American landscape and the places that feel close to home.

No surprise that he cites such influences as John Prine (who he is often compared to), Guy Clark, Mississippi John Hurt, Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams, but Brewer’s humorous and honest voice is uniquely his own. He cites his favorite ‘contemporary’ record as Lucinda Williams’ “Car Wheels on a Gravel Road”—“She really captured some’ve those ghosts down there long before HBO picked up on it.” Capturing ghosts within the music is the overriding theme for Peddlers and Ghosts. Growing up 30 miles south of Memphis, many of the songs on the album invoke Tennessee and Northwest Mississippi such as “Dancin’ in Memphis” and “Coldwater River Risin”, “I was thinking about some’ve those ghosts of the swamps when I wrote that song,” Brewer says.

“Sidewalk Slim” is an ode to the homeless people that Brewer met on his travels with the narrator, Sidewalk Slim, needing some kind of salvation and willing to take it anywhere if that will keep him warm and fed. “Dogrunner” was actually a Craig’s List Ad that Brewer had put up to attract dog-walking jobs while in New York City. “ I also taught a bit of guitar and one day I decided to make an ad for both things…then one day, I started playing a simple pattern with the ad, just as it read, “ he says, “for that reason, nothing at all rhymes in the song, but it makes people smile.” Whether they make you smile, dance or just enjoy the story, know that the songs of Gann Brewer are carved from the heart of the road.

April 6th, Branded Saloon, 2pm (Brooklyn, NY)
April 12th, The Adobe Bar at The Historic Taos Inn, 4-5:30pm (Taos, NM)
April 13th, The Adobe Bar at The Historic Taos Inn, 6:30-9:30pm (Taos, NM)
April 16th, The Sail Inn, 7:30-9:00pm (Tempe, AZ)
April 19th, Lestats, 9 PM (San Diego, CA)
April 20th, Cinema Bar, 8pm  (Los Angeles, CA)
April 23rd, The Plough and the Stars, 9 PM (San Francisco, CA)
April 26th, San Gregorio General Store, 11-1 (San Gregorio, CA off Highway 1)
May 5th, Cork Cellars Wine Bar, 6-9pm (Sisters, OR)
May 18th, The Grand Ole Echo, 6:30pm (Los Angeles, CA)
May 23rd, The 1880 Union Hotel, 8-11 PM (Los Alamos, CA)
June 13th, Live in studio at Radio Parkstad, Netherlands, 5-7pm (Veendam, Holland)

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