Friday, April 4, 2014

Justin Dzuban | Shakedown

Justin Dzuban’s smooth vocal delivery and classic arrangements fly high on his new single, “Shakedown.” His sultry mix of Americana country and classic rock comes from the simplistic use of electric guitars, eccentric vocal arrangements, and reverberating electric piano melodies.

 “Shakedown” could be lifted straight from the grooving 60’s, with a simplistic production approach that allows listeners to focus on the essence of the music. Lead by his baritone voice and accompanied with soulful back up vocals, a rhythm guitar that drives with an off beat swagger and upbeat dynamic, woven into, a fat and live sounding drum-kit that is the very backbone of the song. The instrumental break evokes a more serious tone, the electric guitar calling and responding as the soul of the back up vocals build to a climactic, gospel sound that paves the way for a rich kaleidoscope of electric guitar solo. It loops you straight back to the foot tapping groove, satisfying the listener with a full circle musical experience. The minimalist distortion and unexpected path of the track is a throwback to the days when music was made to be listened to, from lengthy beginning to languid end, it’s addictive and surprising. LP out June 17th, 2014 

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