Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Americana Music Artist Brian Baugus Releases Highly Anticipated Debut Album

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Actor, Songster and Sage, Brian Baugus took his first stage in 1969, playing in the “Coffee House” scene that was then popular. Since those days, he has been in so many acts, venues, bands, combos and such, that it has been said that “There is no gig that Baugus wonʼt play!” He has been a sideman, frontman, straight man, and doorman. He has played bass, guitar, and of course, COWBELL! He has been in duos, jambands, redneck bands (Fire Creek), comedy bands (Rich Hallʼs HeadCleaner), on TV, and in the movies. He has performed in Canada, Mexico, New England, Ohio, California, Texas, and throughout the South! In 2006, Brian's song “Circle Of Drums” was covered by legendary Grateful Dead keyboardist Tom Constanten. The track was featured on the album Moved To Stanleyville by Tom Constanten and Ken Foust. And now, much to the excitement of his fans around the globe, Brian Baugus is releasing his debut CD Actor, Songster, Sage! With musical influences such as Tony Bennett, Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon and Tom Waits, which can be heard throughout his work, Brian's new Americana CD is guaranteed to thrill and amaze you! Also, Baugus hopes the CD will position him “to take over the World”, he hisses, “The Whole World!”

Says Brian, “I've been waiting in the wings for quite a while, now I am ready to wow you with some Beans Creek Boogie!”

As an actor, Baugus has played one lead, which was Broom Bromden in One Flew Over the Cuckooʼs Nest ( CPCC Theater, 1991, with director Steven Ware ). Being a part of the No Small Part school of acting, he has played many supporting roles, such as Lesgate, the would-be killer in Dial ʻMʼ For Murder, Simon Stimpson, the drunken choirmaster in Our Town, and most recently, Burnsville's Parkway Playhouse's World Premiere of Gary Carden's Outlander. Still, he is proudest of his “walk on with lines” in one of TV Guideʼs, “Top Ten Worst Ever Movies”, teaming up with musician buddies Billy Scott (Georgia Prophets) and “Ranger” Doug Scharnberg, in Don Swanʼs dreadful Gore-Met: Zombie Chef From Hell! Says Brian, “In acting, rehearsal is hard and performance is easy. In music it's vice versa.”

Mr. Baugus is currently playing live in various venues in support of his new release, Actor, Songster, Sage, which was engineered and produced by Rod Martin at his Queen Anneʼs Revenge Studio for Rodʼs Barking Moondog Records label. Brian Baugus is anxious to bring his Beans Creek Boogie to your roadhouse, festival, or pigpickinʼ, just as soon as he can!

Says producer and president of Barking Moondog Records, Rod Martin, “Listening to this 'Underground Americana' record, will push you into the existential void, and then snatch you from the edge of the abyss, and send you on a journey, where you will follow a chirping sound, to a surrealistic landscape behind a toilet, where a cricket reigns supreme! Then, on to a place where time and space collide! That signpost ahead... the Beans Creek Boogie Zone!”

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