Friday, March 21, 2014

Straight Shooting Rachel Ann Weiss Premieres First Track Off New EP

The MuseBox, an online marketing and public relations company for musicians, has announced plans for the release of Rachel Ann Weiss's new EP, Too...Something. The four-song sophomore effort was recorded at Brooklyn’s Atlantic Sound Studios and London’s Air-Edel Studios, formerly owned by Sir George Martin. “Dark Is Coming” is the first released track, and will be followed by a series of live videos and the eventual launch of the EP. Weiss, who The Music Times describes as having a “smooth, rich voice...reminiscent of Adele and Amy Winehouse,” appeared at SXSW in Austin, TX in support of her new EP. Songs from Too...Something, as well as her debut, Dear Love, will be available at CD Baby.
In an era of hipster detachment, ironic band names, and pseudo-affection for all things retro, Weiss wants to connect with audiences who crave vulnerability, sincerity and genuine passion. Inspired by the heart-on-his-sleeve styling of the late Jeff Buckley, Weiss aims to “express in my music what is difficult to express in real life.” Weiss realizes that in order for listeners to feel something as they listen to her music, she must be willing to “leave behind a bit of my soul in every song” during the songwriting process. In the spirit of songwriters such as Buckley and Aimee Mann, Weiss has written Too...Something with the belief that she needs to push back against the idea that young and talented songwriters must hide their emotions for the purpose of achieving a certain level of cool.

Weiss is quite familiar with the lifestyle that can accompany the entertainment industry. Her mother is the famed actress, Kathleen Turner. Weiss is grateful that due to her mother’s career, “I’ve gotten a chance to travel, meet amazing people and work around my more introverted tendencies - both on and off the stage.” More important, though, is that Weiss has learned the value of a strong work ethic. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, both Weiss and Turner discussed their relationship, the lessons learned from a life spent in entertainment, and Weiss’s potential for success.

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