Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kid Felix - I Am the River from their new release 'Rivals'

Kid Felix sews together a sticky and memorable album full of fist pumping tunes and a host of tracks worthy of a listen. The heavy to light crescendos and the full throttle energy the band evokes show maturity and strength not just in vocals and talent but in the creativity behind the music as well. The group has all the makings of pure staying power and Rivals is just the start. 
This quintet has manicured their orchestration to perfect their buzzed out, wistful rock. At the helm is lead singer Jake Falana, backed up by John Ambrutis on lead guitar, Brett Hagen rhythm guitar, Julian Ungerer bass, Ken Baxter on the keys, and rounded out with John Szachewics on drums.

Combined, their layered instrumentation cements their working class sound with a genuine rock soul.

Kid Felix

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