Friday, October 18, 2013

Greg Trooper Releases 12th Album 'Incident On Willow Street' Out October 21

Greg Trooper is releasing his 12th album, Incident On Willow Street, on October 21, 2013. Making records since 1986, Trooper's songs have been covered by Steve Earle, Billy Bragg and more. Buddy Miller and Dan Penn produced  albums, and he’s received praise from The New York Times, among others.

Produced by Stewart Lerman—Grammy-winning producer of music from Loudon Wainwright to HBO's Boardwalk Empire—Trooper’s songs are bolstered by the dexterity of three-time Grammy winning multi-instrumentalist Larry Campbell (Dylan, Levon Helm).  In addition, Incident On Willow Street benefits from the mastery of Kenneth Blevins (Hiatt), Texan Jack Saunders, Oli Rockberger, and harmony vocals from Lucy Wainwright Roche.

A Brooklyn resident, Trooper is succinct in breaking down the six kinds of people that populate his songs, which could be an accurate sampling of all of us. "The record consists of characters dreaming and scheming of or actually pulling out of bad situations for a brighter future ['All The Way To Amsterdam,' 'Steel Deck Bridge']. And there are others who are trapped in their own self-pitying quicksand ['Amelia'].

"There are those who are reaching their hands out to those who have all but given up believing in themselves and their dreams ['Land Of No Forgiveness,' 'The Girl In The Blue'].  You will also find diehards who against all odds are determined to find like minded lovers who believe there is magic, mystery, and trust in an otherwise self-centered world ['Everything’s A Miracle,' 'One Honest Man'].

"And the knuckleheads - who don’t see they are the main ingredient in a bad relationship recipe or so obsessive they’re emotionally paralyzed ['Living With You,' 'Mary Of The Scots In Queens']. Another person you’ll find wandering through these songs is the one who blames himself for all that’s broken in his world -- but you suspect deep down he knows that is not entirely true ['Good Luck Heart,' 'This Shitty Deal']."

Trooper will be doing September dates in Texas and elsewhere before heading to Europe in October. Watch for further dates on his website,, to be announced in November.

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