Friday, December 3, 2010

The Real Nasty - Strangers & Friends

San Francisco's The Real Nasty released their second album “Strangers & Friends” in October via Ninth Street Opus Records. The album can be described as a soulful mix of countrified rock that “blends folk, rock, blues, and country into a hard-hitting package”(East Bay Express). The 13 track album includes the country tinged stand out track, ”Whiskey for Breakfast" and twangy rock anthem "No Big Deal".

Picking up where The Real Nasty's first album Paper City left off, Strangers & Friends captures the group's gritty live performance in a studio setting, comparable to that of the Avett Brothers or the Drive-By Truckers. One common thread between the two albums is the vivid artwork done by acclaimed comic illustrator, Mark Gregory.

The powerful trio is known in their hometown of San Francisco for their ability to flow from country to rock with a raw force that leaves audiences reeling. Their huge sound and large repertoire is bolstered by the unique instrumentation of upright bass, guitar, and cajon (an Afro-Cuban box drum) and their music offers a fresh approach that “stomps through the same fields once occupied by Led Zeppelin and Johnny Cash, [with] even some Pixies-esque weirdness to keep everyone on their toes”(SF Weekly). This distinct sound is what keeps fans coming back for more, and The Real Nasty is never short on their delivery. In fact, Strangers & Friends was originally released digitally, implementing a cutting edge  "straight-to-the-fans" model via their website.

Throughout the fall and winter The Real Nasty will be touring behind the new album playing material from both Strangers and Friends and Paper City with some new cuts thrown in. The band is working on a new rock EP scheduled for release by the end of 2010! 

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