Friday, August 27, 2010

New Release : Emma Hill - 'Clumsy Seduction'

Following in the footsteps of greats like Kathleen Edwards and Caitlin Cary, Alaska native Emma Hill writes catchy folk songs that span the border of Americana and folk pop, that convey the spirit of homey and desolate Americana without ever fully crossing that border into twang. With full instrumentation and her signature songwriting style, Clumsy Seduction is the culmination of an artist on the brink.

Rural Alaska may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of young, hip folk artists, but Emma Hill just might be changing that. Before even reaching the legal drinking age, Ms. Hill had already released a successful full-length album called Just Me on her budding record label, Kuskokwim. Just Me reached the top 10 on Anchorage's KRUA, a feat no other Alaskan had ever managed to accomplish. One gets the feeling that this is not the last time Ms. Hill will break a barrier.

Following a move to Portland, Oregon, the 22-year-old Emma Hill is back with a collection of bold and fragile songs aptly titled Clumsy Seduction. To paraphrase Ryan Adams, sometimes to be young is to be sad, and Emma Hill accurately and beautifully captures the melancholy and longing of youth. With titles like “We Do Better in Bed”, “Midnight Phone Call”, and “One Glass too Many”, Ms. Hill puts a point on the poignancy to be found in unrequited love and the answers that you sometimes find at the bottom of a bottle.

Fans of Red Molly, Whiskeytown, and Easton Stagger Phillips will be delighted with the sultry, rural appeal of Clumsy Seduction. Like her fellow Alaskans, The Whipsaws, Emma Hill has been wildly successful in Alaska and the lower forty eight are taking notice. Emma Hill is currently crisscrossing North America bringing her brand of folksy Americana to a venue near you.

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