Friday, July 23, 2010

The David Brothers - Smells Like America

Brothers Eric and Judd David were introduced to each other years ago by their parents.  Before “The David Brothers,” the two have recorded an album of instrumental guitar duets, four rock albums, created a guitar school to pay rent, cooked burritos for thousands of people, lived/toured in a van for 16 months...basically found a way to survive together through music.   

Smells Like America is the debut CD featuring the two siblings singing together in harmony.  The record was made casually over seven months in Banana Chicken Studios on Melrose, a small gem in the heart of L.A.  All of the songs on Smells Like America were recorded live as a trio with producer/engineer Jamie Candiloro on bass.  Nothing was forced, rushed or even thought about for more than an easy moment. As they approached close to twenty new tunes they decided to pull back, create an EP and share.   

Lyrically, the album reflects on the styles of intimate, thoughtful songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and Paul Simon.  Judd holds firmly to his pen and acoustic guitar while Eric approaches each song as an opportunity to try and "capture" the lyrics, whether on guitar, mandolin, harmonica or banjo.  The goal of this record was good vibes and performances.  Quickly, The David Brothers found themselves adding members for the live shows.  Around them now sits upright bass, percussion, piano, and a third female harmony. 

Smells Like America is available now through itunes and CD Baby.

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