Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Shoreline Dream ~ Recollections of Memory


A Shoreline Dream, originally from Denver, Colorado, has been doing-it-themselves from day one. Releasing their debut album, Avoiding The Consequences on their own label and on their own dime, the band built their sound and their fan-base by traveling around the West Coast and Texas, playing live and interacting directly with their fans. The result was a strong, gritty first album that was as sincere and humble as it was powerful and raw.

A few years later, and now on their second full-length release, Recollections Of Memory, A Shoreline Dream has taken it a step further, recording the album in singer Ryan Policky’s “live-in” studio where they recorded all of their albums, but infusing it with a new found energy and fervor, partially provided to them by the newest addition to the band, drummer Sean Merrell. The songs carry with them the earnestness of a band that is still fighting to be heard and to make an impact, but that has done a significant amount of evolving and maturing since their early days.

With their second full-length under their belt, A Shoreline Dream has been pounding the pavement all year, bringing their music to as many willing ears as possible. With a new track, Hypermode receiving a lot of attention, an upcoming performance at SXSW, and a new video for their standout track Manhattan Beach just hitting the airwaves, there is a lot to check out right now in the world of A Shoreline Dream. Constantly in and out of the studio, working on an EP tentatively set for May and an LP expected to follow later this year, A Shoreline Dream shows no signs of slowing down. The band will continue to release tracks from their upcoming EP, as well as videos, as they make their way down to Austin. 
A Shoreline Dream Show Details:

3/4 – Hi-Dive – SXSW Sendoff! – Denver, Colorado
3/14 – NX35 Festival – Denton, Texas
3/17 – SXSW – Austin, Texas
3/19 – Mile High Fidelity – Austin, Texas – SXSW Day

A Shoreline Dream

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