Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flugente Releases Sophomore Album, 'Flugente 2'

Flugente, the solo project for former The Blam front man Jerry Adler, has just released its sophomore album, Flugente 2. Noticeably stripped down and raw compared to his previous project, Adler’s new musical focus is on unadorned Americana––a captivating blend of folk, alt-country, and pop. Continuing the narrative that traces a path from Woodie Guthrie through modern day artists such as The Felice Brothers, Flugente is a testament to just how far American acoustic music has come as we enter the second decade of the 21st Century. With strikingly poetic lyrics, captivating, almost whispered harmonies, and twanging finger picked guitar, Jerry’s latest effort is a record you will not want to put down.

The decision to form Flugente came to Jerry on a sixty-day car trip around Europe in 2006. Never far from his guitar and pen, and producing roughly one full song every two days, Jerry realized a brand new musical direction and composed some of his strongest, most-poignant work yet, a profound meditation on his American homeland, modern living, and his own individual purpose. Flugente 2 continues and expands on those themes. From the searing commentary of People Come From All Around to the truly stunning It’s Not Just The Summer That’s Ending, Flugente 2 showcases an artist with remarkable lyrical prowess who is continually striving to develop his sound.

With his second solo album under his belt, Jerry is pleased to be continuing his personal evolution as an artist and as a musician. Don’t miss the captivating take on the American standard America The Beautiful, and the choice cover of The Kink’s Apeman, which speaks to the pitfalls of modern industry and mirrors Jerry’s lyrical interests. Flugente represents a powerful turning point in Jerry’s musical identity and is a project not to be missed in 2010.  
Download MP3 of It’s Not Just The Summer That’s Ending

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