Friday, November 20, 2009

Daisy McCrackin Releases Debut: The Rodeo Grounds

The MuseBox is proud to announce the release of Daisy McCrackin’s debut The Rodeo Grounds. The six-song EP -- which evokes shades of Beth Orton, Joni Mitchell and Lisa Hannigan -- is being released via Aeronaut Records (Juliette Commagére, Robert Francis, Nous Non Plus)

Daisy grew up in San Francisco and survived the earthquake of 1989. A classically trained actress, she moved to Los Angeles and worked in film and television until, in 2005, she had a spiritual epiphany and began writing music. Daisy lived in the fabled Rodeo Grounds arts collective in Topanga Canyon, where she wrote funny campfire songs and fought the State to keep her land.

Too shy to share her “serious” songs, Daisy stuck to acting gigs by day, and singing by night. Finally, after an intense song-writing jag Daisy sang a somber, personal song to a close friend who strongly advised her to quit her day job and dedicate herself full-time to music. She played her first live show in 2006, and was dubbed an ‘instant rock star’ in an L.A. Weekly review, which reported that Daisy “stole the show.”

In June 2009 Daisy McCrackin paired up with renowned musician/producer Alain Johannes (from the bands Eleven and Them Crooked Vultures) to record her first studio album. The result of those sessions is an EP of six original songs written and performed by Daisy, called The Rodeo Grounds. An homage to the Topanga Canyon community that inspired her to stretch her wings and sing, The Rodeo Grounds is a sampling of little poems and stories about mermaids and love triangles.

Upon hearing the record's first single Tell Her, legendary Grateful Dead lyricist, songwriter and poet John Perry Barlow called it "a very tight little novel," noting her "phrasing and delivery are perfect," and acknowledging Daisy as "the real deal."

The languid, sun-drenched, summertime in Topanga songs belie the honest, earthy beauty of the legendary canyon that inspired them, and the passionate woman who sings them. The tracks are at once deceptively simple and lyrically profound. As Daisy says, "Every song is a love song, just that love can get all backwards."

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