Monday, August 31, 2009

Doop & The Inside Outlaws - An Americana Daily Review

We recently received a copy of Everett Belcher, the latest release from Detroit-based Doop & The Inside Outlaws. According to the promo-flyer, Everett Belcher is an ode to Don ‘Doop’ Duprie’s grandfather and the people like him, hard-working people who moved up from the south hoping to find steady employment in the Motor City.

Hard-working people, a term that must surely apply to Doop and The Inside Outlaws, they’re too tight musically not to be. From what we could pick up around the net, Doop and the band are very big in Detroit and you don’t get big in Detroit unless you work hard.

The title track to Everett Belcher, really is an ode to another generation, a time when young men like Everett Belcher worked hard, played hard and drank harder.

He drank too much and talked too fast
Waylon, Merle and Johnny Cash
Sang songs about his kind I know they did
He was always the simple kind
He never paid no never mind
And some days I wish I could be like him

Showcasing the band's talent, style and heart with an instantly familiar feel in both melody and message, it moves along like an 18 wheeler in the night headed to the house.

And, it’s the perfect introduction to MFNJOB, a modern day workingman’s lament that should be the hit of the summer. It’s got that sly rockabilly beat and a Hammond B3 that crawls in and around the lyrics then creeps right out front setting up the instrumental break so perfectly. And, if you ever felt trapped in a dead-end job or weary from the way your life is going, this one will hit you like a sock on the jaw. It would make a fantastic video, somebody from GAC or CMT needs to contact these guys while there are still some MFNJOB's available.

We like these guys a lot. Every cut is solid and nine of the ten songs are originals. The only cover song, Springsteen’s Prove It All Night, blends in so well you forget it’s not one of their own.

Another favorite is Getting What You Want, a mournful tale of infidelity wrapped up in the refrain, Sometimes getting what you want can get the best of you.

Everett Belcher is dedicated “To all the hard-working people in this town that spent the better parts of their lives busting their asses only to see it all fall apart. God bless them and keep them. And for all the people who think they are getting away with something, just remember – What’s done in the darkness will be brought to the light.“

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit

Doop & The Inside Outlaws

Reviewed for Americana Daily by sjwelker

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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the kind words, they mean a lot and we appreciate you. if you are ever in detroit drop us a line and we will grab a few. God bless.


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