Monday, October 13, 2008

Tokyo Rosenthal - Love Won Out

Tokyo Rosenthal - Love Won Out - An Americana Daily Review

I discovered Tokyo Rosenthal the way many people discover new artists; via the internet. And, in one of those funny little twists of fate that people sometimes call coincidence, his new CD, Love Won Out, found its way into my player.

The first thing that strikes you about Tokyo Rosenthal is his name; it conjures up all kinds of images. And, the second thing is that he writes in all kinds of styles. He's bloozy, jazzy, folky, country and a little bit funky rock and roll. His picture on the cover even looks bloozy, jazzy, folky, country and a little bit funky rock and roll.

Tokyo Rosenthal is a gifted singer-songwriter who goes wherever the songs take him. From the opening riff on St. Patrick's Day, he follows the songs through jingle-jangle folkland, cool-late-60's Morrison (Van) jazzland, cool-late-'60's Morrison (Jim) jazzland, straight on through to 21st century anthemville with the title cut, Love Won Out, a head-on blues number with a dead-on message about gay-rights.

By the end of the journey, he's traveling through time as well as sound, ending up back near the beginning with a West-Coast country-folkrock ballad that could have been penned in 1968, Goodnight Carrie, I'm Coming Home.

With production assistance from Chris Stamey (a legendary musician/producer himself) and a solid group of players behind him, Tokyo Rosenthal's Love Won Out is a journey worth taking. Join him.

Tokyo Rosenthal
Love Won Out
Rock and Sock Records - © 2008 Bronx Flash Music
Reviewed for Americana Daily by s j welker

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