Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New 'Green Song' by Platinum Band Firefall Gaining Wordwide Attention and Acclaim

Walk More Softly is the dynamic new single from 1970s hit-makers FIREFALL, an environmental 'green' song with a humble message of 'treating each other better' and 'taking much better care of our fragile planet' is resonating with everyone who hears the song. It made its internatoinal ebut on SIRIUS Satellite Radio on Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008 on "SIRIUS 7 - Totally 70s."

This timely song connects with people young and old on musical and rhythmic levels, and in the simple truth of it's message. Treat all people - your loved ones, friends and everyone alike - with more respect and dignity. Give more of yourself. And take much better care of the world we live in. WALK MORE SOFTLY ON THE EARTH.

Walk More Softly is the first studio recording by FIREFALL that features both the 2008 band, together for nearly twenty years, and many of original 1976 FIREFALL members. Those guys always knew how to make great records, and this song proves that again in 2008. It is a celebration of the best this group has been in the studio. This amazing recording will become a classic and will rock the world, taking its place along the other great FIREFALL hit tunes like You Are The Woman, Strange Way, Just Remember I Love You, Cinderella, Goodbye I Love You, Mexico, Livin Ain't Livin, So Long and others.

Singer/Songwriter/Co-Producer Jock Bartley was approached by Ms. Jill Buck, founder and CEO of the Go Green Initiative Association (GGIA), who felt the words and message in this heartfelt song completely represent their efforts and beliefs. And because of the incredible environmental and educational good they are doing around the globe, Jock, FIREFALL and the non-profit Go Green Initiative will be joining hands with "WALK MORE SOFTLY." He has graciously provided the use of his song to the Go Green Initiative ( for their 2009 Initiative Theme. Says Bartley, "Like the Go Green Initiative itself, this song is really above any political affiliation. It speaks to all citizens that we must change in order to protect our narrowing resources." Says Jill Buck, "I've been a fan of FIREFALL for many years and recently downloaded a number of their hits onto my iPod. When I was invited to preview "WALK MORE SOFTLY," I knew instantly that this HAD to be our theme, our message and our song. We are thrilled and excited beyond belief and cannot wait to spread the words, Walk More Softly. We need everyone - governments, corporations and private individuals - to do something at their own level to redress the damage that's already been done and to stop the destructiveness we've seen for so many years. That's why 'WALK MORE SOFTLY' needs to be heard. I hope to help make it a worldwide smash." The Go Green Initiative works with thousands of schools nationwide and over 1.5 million school kids; this fall Ms. Buck plans to have WALK MORE SOFTLY environmental contests in schools all across the US, where children, teachers, parents and entire communities strive to become more eco-friendly and learn firsthand that they can truly make a difference. Also the GGIA, with backing from major corporate sponsors, goes into cities to help them become more environmentally conscientious in all aspects of their energy usage: water and waste treatment plants, government and office buildings, public transportation (trains, buses, taxis).. from using more efficient light bulbs and water heaters to converting to solar or wind power. They will soon be in Syracuse, NY transforming that city with cutting edge green technologies. The Go Green Initiative is changing the face of urban society, one major city at a time. They are changing the awareness of a whole new generation of American children in fifty states, educating one classroom at a time. And now "WALK MORE SOFTLY" is a major part of their efforts and message.

This exciting song is brand new yet feels like you've already heard it. "WALK MORE SOFTLY" is a remarkable and undeniable musical achievement, one that makes people feel good, one that gets people up singing and dancing, one that lasts with you long after it's stopped playing. It's lyrical message transcends politics or political affiliations, talking about the way we ALL have to treat our fragile planet. It does not preach, it shows the way. It does not demand, it encourages. It is an impassioned statement about 'saving our planet.' It says what millions of people are thinking. The humble and yet urgent message speaks to people on every continent.

Released and distributed by Winged Horse Records, this song is Administered Worldwide by Don Williams Music Group, Los Angeles, CA. Listen to "WALK MORE SOFTLY" on the Firefall home page. It will soon be available for downloads on (with a portion of the proceeds going the that organization), and also iTunes, Rhapsody, CD Baby.

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