Thursday, February 10, 2011


77 El Deora proudly announces the release of their latest CD, "The Crown & The Crow's Confession". In this new studio recording, the band jangles some familiar nerves and scuffs up some new ground off their beaten path. From their lightest to their darkest forms, the songs are examinations on the conflict of the human condition. Deception, obsession, delusion, denial, damnation, renewal, redemption, mysticism, snake oil saviors, bad debts, cheatin', lyin', drinkin', dyin', broken hearts, shattered dreams, twangy guitars and tattered hearts.

On this, their third album, singer-songwriter Tani spars with his long-time musical partner and muse Jenn Courtney, a larger than life presence whose luxurious voice can plant a kiss on the lips and a punch in the guts in the same breath. They're supported by a cast of over a dozen other musicians including 77 El Deora's performing core of violinist Steve Kallai, electric and upright bassist Mike Anderson and drummer Christopher Fisher. The songs on the band’s third CD/record utilize every tool in the 77 El Deora toolbox from the finest scalpel to the largest hammers. From serious tales of broken hearts and tortured souls to TPO’s,Tani's affectionate acronym for his beloved Trailer Park Operettas, the tunes are filled with bad break-up lines and smart mouth rejoinders.

Expect to be blown away by powerhouse singer Jenn Courtney's pleading, soulful wailing vocals on “Push Me Away” and haunted by Maurice Tani's sweet plaintive tenor exhorting the loneliness of a heartbroken radio DJ on "Radio City". The scope of "The Crown & The Crow's Confession" encompasses everything from a hard thumpin', old-time mountain romp (“Fire on the Mountain”) to an enchanting and poignant version of Springsteen's “County Fair”, combining the artful blending of Courtney's lilting, clear vocals and Tani's buoyant, controlled tonalities.

77 El Deora is a gleaming showpiece of a band, what lies underneath is sleek, smart, powerful and totally bad-ass! The new for 2011 “The Crown & The Crow’s Confession,”  from Maurice Tani, Jenn Courtney & 77 El Deora –luxurious, ironic, haunting. Peeled out the showroom floors on January 1st.

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