Monday, April 25, 2011

Boca Chica Writes Song About Malaria, AnnouncesTour Dates

Boca Chica is a band that thrives on collaboration-- Hallie Pritts writes the songs, but arranging and production are always a group effort.  With this new Eardrums Pop! release, Boca Chica takes collaboration to a new level.  Not only do these songs benefit from internal band collaboration, but each song represents a melding of minds-- be it with another band, like Lohio on “Afternoon Tea”, with another songwriter like Nik Westman on “You're the Blues”, or with a writer like Jacob Liechty on “For Jacob with Malaria”.  
Boca Chica is so proud to bring you three new tracks created from the explosively creative minds in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Denver Colorado.   
“Afternoon Tea” 
Hallie wrote the song and arranged it with Lohio as the backing band.  And then the other members of Boca Chica had at it with layers of gorgeously dark cacophony.  The result is a 1960s-inspired piece of dark psych pop.
Written by Hallie Pritts
Arranged by Boca Chica and Lohio
Performed by Boca Chica and Lohio
Recorded by Jake Hanner at Play on Recordings 

“You're the Blues” 
When Eardrums contacted Boca Chica about recording a cover song, they immediately thought of Nik Westman.  Nik & the Central Plains are also a Pittsburgh band. They play twang-influenced indie garage rock and Nik's songwriting is beyond brilliant.   
Written by Nik Westman
Original recording by Nik & the Central Plains
Arranged by Boca Chica
Performed by Boca Chica
Produced and recorded by J. Vega at the Atomic Ranch  
“For Jacob with Malaria”  
This song was born out of the Boca Chica Kickstarter campaign of last fall.  One of rewards offered was the chance to commission a Boca Chica song on the topic of one's choice. Writer and artist Jacob Liechty of Denver, Colorado sent Hallie a story he had written about his time living in Mali.  In particular, it was about getting malaria in Bamako and spending time in a clinic with another sick friend.  He asked Hallie to write a song inspired by the story.  The result is a decidedly hallucinatory folk track.
Written by Hallie Pritts
Inspired by and commissioned for Jacob Liechty
Arranged by Boca Chica
Performed by Boca Chica
Produced and recorded by J. Vega at the J. Bird Studios
List of creative minds involved in these three songs: 
Hallie Pritts, Susanna Meyer, J. Vega, Ricky Moslen, James Hart, Kraig Decker, Nik Westman, Jake Hanner, Greg Dutton, Liz Adams, Sven Stens, Jeff Baron, and Jacob Liechty

Boca Chica Bio
Boca Chica is an orchestral twang pop band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Led by songwriter Hallie Pritts, their songs are dark, catchy, and combine somewhat surreal lyrics and instrumentation with bar band appeal. Drawing influences from classic country stars like Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton, Boca Chica filters those twangy tendencies through a modern indie pop lens.  Fans of Neko Case, Great Lake Swimmers, Arcade Fire, and Akron/Family will be enthralled by the band's lyrically dark and musically adventurous folk rock. Boca Chica pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a “band”, having had more than 40 different members since their inception.  Boca Chica currently includes Hallie Pritts, Susanna Meyer, J. Vega, Ricky Moslen, James Hart, and Kraig Decker.  

Keep your ears out for a brand new album in June of 2011.  It follows in the footsteps Lace Up Your Workboots, which hit number one in several US cities and received accolades from National Public Radio. 
For dates of the upcoming Boca Chica and Nik & the Central Plains joint spring tour, please visit:  

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