Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Timber", The First Release off Eagle Winged Palace's Debut LP, "Where We're Coming From" on Western Crest Records

Taking inspiration from West Coast history and musical traditions, Eagle Winged Palace takes a unique spin on classic folk conventions. Their songs portray the strange side of California using stripped-down acoustic tones.

Formed in 2008 by singer/guitarist/producer Cashew Harding, the project began as a production piece with his wife, Rhea, and friends Michelle Vidal (guitarist) and Meegan Michel. EWP soon found their direction as a vocal team, using four part harmonies as a means to strengthen the melodies and drama. Bringing songwriter
and pianist Nathan Van Hala into the fold, the group of Los Angeles natives debuted with their 2009 four song EP, "Hand Of Doom" (Park The Van Records). This release introduced their stark, mystical sound and raised glowing critical notices by the LA Record, the LA Weekly, and dozens of local and international music blogs.

The long process of realizing their first full length album required some crafty resourcefulness; most of the tracks were recorded in a shack overlooking the dry shores of the LA River. After nearly two years of work, and the formation of their own label, Western Crest Records*, the completed album, "Where We're Coming From" is available on vinyl and online. A truly collaborative effort, all members of the band contribute to the vocals and arrangement, with songs written by Harding, Vidal, and Van Hala.

Continuing in the somewhat dark and ethereal spirit of last year's EP, the full-length offers a more developed
version of their unique sound and explores new lyrical territory: Hollywood ghosts, Monterrey pirates, star-
crossed drug runners, desert wolves, and mythical goddesses all show up in this spooky and romantic
contribution to the folk rock genre.
Eagle Winged Palace - Timber

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